"Art Reflection" in search of artists

The fellows' project “Art Reflection” is starting to move around Georgia in search for young artists living in regions of the country. “Art Reflection” has entered its active preparation phase and the project team has already organized an informational meeting in Tserovani public school, where youth of different ages got a chance to hear what actually “Art Reflection” is about? For more information about the project you can visit its facebook page.

Together for Healthy Lifestyle!

Tbilisi, 16 August 2013 - Tetritskaro looks unusually active these days – Lusine Dostibegyan’s project team has been promoting healthy lifestyle for over two weeks now. 

Activities of the project “Together for Healthy Lifestyle!” include training, sport activities, camping, morning exercises and just a lot of fun.
Talks about healthy lifestyle and sports and its benefits (or maybe also disadvantages) were followed by a hiking trip to Abelian and Khofisi.

Project will run several weeks more.

For more information about the project you can visit its page on facebook.

Guests visit Practice Meeting of Diversity School

Diversity School has welcomed guests to its Practice Meeting. On fifth day of their work participants got a chance to meet experts who were ready to share their experience in frames of Joint Civic Education and besides it.
At this stage participants are going through their hard-working period, where they shape, re-shape, calculate and give a final structure to their project plans. For their project management backpacks they got a bunch of new tools and knowledge from facilitators of the program, but besides this our guests were also there for one evening to explain how does this theoretical knowledge actually work in practice. How does one go from the stage of creating an initiative group to professional fundraising? How does one plan an international project and what are specifics of work in Caucasus region? And how does it actually work – being participant of Joint Civic Education, planning own project and actually implementing it? How does it work to be taking first steps for a change and what follows after it? These and other issues were discussed together with our guests.

Among the guests were participants of Social Leader Forum of Joint Civic Education, alumna of Joint Civic Education Country program 2012 and our partners from IDP Women Association Consent.
We want to thank our guests for their visit to Bakuriani and for the fruitful contribution to the program!

Diversity School starts with Project Meeting

Tbilisi, 21 July, 2013 - Participants of Diversity School have started their second seminar in frames of this year’s program. Trainers, participants and mentors of the program have come together in Bakuriani to work around the topic – project management, from 21st to 27th of July.

We wish the team the best of luck and fruitful work during the whole seminar!

MitOst visits Georgia

Tbilisi, 18 July, 2013 - Already since 13th of July 15 guests from MitOst are taking a journey through Georgia, its capital city Tbilisi and its mountains accompanied by local guides. During 7 days of this journey, participants of the project “MitReise nach Georgien” got a chance to explore local art, culture and civil society and are still looking forward to new stories and adventures.

Anyone who has interest is welcome to join the team of “MitOst-travelers” to Georgia.

Kick-off meeting is over

Bazaleti, 19 May 2013 - First meeting of Diversity School of Joint Civic Education is over. Participants have returned home to different corners of Georgia with their diverse project ideas in their bags. Intensive working phase has just started. We wish the best of luck to our participants and are looking forward to our next project meeting in July.

Diversity School has started!

Bazaleti, 11 May 2013 - Our seminars have started! Participants of Diversity School have arrived to Bazaleti Training Center to discuss how diversity works. This years topic is chosen to be “My passport – my identity?!” During eight days participants will discuss connections and contradictions between passport and identity, will shape their project ideas and simply spend interesting time.

Diversity School goes to field visits

Georgia, March 2013 - In period from 10.03.2013 till 14.03.2013 Diversity School has organized informative meetings in different regions of Georgia.

Meetings had a purpose to inform local residents and organizations about the program and support the youth in application process. Visits were organized with support of locally operating organizations and universities.

Diversity School has started its journey from IDP settlement in village Koda. Next stop was the Youth Center in Gori IDP settlement. Moving further we went to Eastern Georgia – Marneuli. The meeting in Marneuli was initiated in cooperation with Marneuli youth center and Marneuli center for Civic Engagement. 
Last but not least the meeting was organized with students of Samtskhe-Javakheti State Teaching University in Akhaltsikhe. 

Diversity School wants to thank all partners who cooperated with us and helped us to raise awareness about the program among youth living in the regions of Georgia.

Call for applications

Tbilisi, February 2013 –The call for applications for 2013 has been launched on 17th February and is open until 17th March. For further information as well as the application form please access this link. For specific questions, please contact Nino Gvarjaladze, coordinator of Diversity School: gvarjaladze@joint-civic-education.net

Joint Civic Education prepares for 2013

Berlin, December 2012 - Joint Civic Education has launched empowerment programs in Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Russia (Northern Caucasus) and Turkey (Eastern Anatolia) to support young people's civic involvement and to qualify them in a way that no school or university can match. Moreover, the social leaders involved in our programs will have the chance to meet colleagues from the other countries involved and, doing so, have the opportunity to enhance their scope of action.

For further information and how to apply, click here.

A Student Organization became interested in the Volunteer Project implemented within the framework of Joint Civic Education

A voluntary project “Your Right to Know” was implemented within the framework of the Georgian Country Program of Joint Civic Education in 2012. The partners of the project were the Institute for Development of Freedom of Information (IDFI) and University of Georgia. Within the frames of the project a seminar about theoretical and practical issues of public information has been conducted for students, after which they sent their won requests of public information and prepared reports based on the received information.

One of the participants of the project was the founder of a student organization “Students Together”. The organization received grant under Open Society Institute Higher Education Initiative Programme, in order to implement a project called “Students for Transparency”. Within the framework of the project it is planned to study financial transparency of four state universities of Georgia. In order to achieve this, it was necessary to conduct trainings about public information, financial analysis and research methods to the selected students from each university.

The team of the project “Your Right to Know” and the Institute for Development of Freedom of Information were invited to conduct the trainings within the framework of the project “Students for Transparency”. The trainings were successfully conducted by the project team during 3-7 February, 2013. These trainings can be considered as a small but significant follow-up of the voluntary project “Your Right to Know”, with the help of which the project team has obtained valuable experience.