Schedule 2019

Application process

- Call for Applications: April 17 - May 10


- Aged between 18 and 26
- Active in the local community
- Interest in diversity education and youth activism

Kick-off Meeting

- Period: June 14-20

- Duration: 6 full working days

Project management seminar 

- Period: August 12-17

- Duration: 7 full working days

Project implementation

From August until 1st October the fellows' teams work together with local partners to implement their small-scale projects within their communities.

Diversity Forum

- Period: November 12-16
- Duration: 5 full working days
- Content: evaluation of project work and the individual learning process, workshop on further civic involvement and future activities on minority issues.


All travel, accommodation and lodging expenses for the duration of the program's activities will be covered by the program. Participation fee is 20 Gel, which will be used for Diversity Residence