Projects of participants of 2016 Diversity School Program

Fellows' Projects

In Diversity School 2013 our fellows together developed and implemented small-scale projects focusing on social issues and related areas within their local communities.

Twelve different projects in frames of Diversity School were implemented.

Healthy Lifestyle – project developed by our participant, Lusine Dostibegyan, was the first to get started in Diversity School 2013. Project was dedicated to promotion of healthy lifestyle among youth living in Tetritskaro. Activities of the project included training, sport activities, camping, morning exercises and just a lot of fun. Talks about healthy lifestyle and sports and its benefits were also followed by hiking trips. Lusine’s project planned to inspire young population of Tetritskaro to live more active and healthy lives. For more information about the project you can visit its facebook page.

The project “Together for Future” by one of our participants, Mariam Gelashvili was financially supported by a partner of Iris Group – Managing Diversity - Charitable organization “Ardza”.

“Together for Future” aimed to provide children placed in foster care in St. Barbare foster house with information about possibilities for employment and to encourage them to use their potential and develop their skills. A number of seminars were held for these children in Samtskhe-Javakheti State Teaching University.

Development of the projects

After the Kick-off Meeting, the participants' team project outlines were reviewed by a jury consisting of representatives of partner organizations, alumni and external experts.

The criteria on which these projects were judged include the degree of community involvement, the relevance to solving social challenges, the nature and level of team work involved, and the ratio between resource utilization and expected results.

Participants whose project outlines got approved were offered a fellowship consisting of further capacity building, peer-mentoring and small start-up funding for implementing the projects.

The project teams further developed their ideas during the Project Meeting, following which they started the implementation phase. The program ended with a Reflection Meeting where the fellows evaluated the project's results.


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